Game software and the Internet connection for certain games

An Internet connection is required for certain games. Cost should also be considered when purchasing the system. There are several possibilities. Some games require only during installation to connect to the World Wide Web. Using patches immediately after the installation and downloaded online compared the license key to authenticate and product activation. For MMORPGs (Massively - Multiplayer - Online - Role playing) a permanent connection to the network is of course necessary. The player's data is constantly updated and must be reconciled with the co- or counter-players. The connection should accordingly be stable, so as not to jeopardize the achievements in the game.


Recently, copy protection mechanisms through the Internet can be realized. Ubisoft's new title "Assassin's Creed II" requires only for playing a permanent online connection. Once the connection is no longer present, the player can not continue playing. This has led to fierce criticism of the otherwise successful continuation.

On the Internet there are also other freely accessible games that require no installation on the computer. Here, between browser-based games such as "Dragons" and small mini-games that can be opened in a Flash Player window. For the browser-based games the player has set up an account so that he can draw by logging on stored data and can continue with the last saved game. For such games, the platform "" is a great point of reference, since many games of different genres will be offered. In addition to the call charges for the Internet these games do not cause any additional costs.

Many of the normal game titles also include a multiplayer mode, which makes it possible to enjoy the game on the Internet and made available for this purpose servers with many other players. Many first-person shooter can be played as in the two-party mode and provide lots of fun. Also for console gamers, it is so possible, linked with several players to play.

Classic online multiplayer games are the Battlefield series, the number of players brought together in epic battles and usable vehicles and have thus led to a real online multiplayer boom. The Internet connection should be in accordance with this quickly so that the many data on position and behavior of the other players may be well and smoothly provided your own computer.